Cognitive computing and deep neural network solutions create new opportunities in enterprise search and content analytics. Whether its twitter feeds, websites, or traditional data sets, we have the tools to understand the data and present it in a way that is compelling to your customers.

Element Blue Delivers

With the ability to read and understand natural language, the latest content analytics processing technology can draw conclusions and provide insight into data gathered from a variety of sources.

Whether it’s Twitter feeds, websites, or traditional data sets, IBM Watson or other Deep Learning systems can analyze huge amounts of data and reduce it down to easily interpreted, critical decision points. By tracking feedback, these advanced learning systems are able to become smarter and more effective with every interaction.

  • Natural Language Processing and Trend, Pattern, Anomaly and Deviation Analysis
  • Enterprise Search Capabilities
  • Personalized Patient Analysis
  • Disease Onset Prediction
  • Outcome Analysis and Predictive Trends
  • Predictive Forecasting with R or SPSS
  • Social Media and Sentiment Analysis