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CloudBlue Hosting

CloudBlue Hosting: integration and service enablement for IBM software solutions

The Challenge – Plugging in a reliable service

Delivering software applications today means new challenges created by the impact of mobile platforms, greater customer demands on delivery schedules, and ongoing complexity to meeting a service level.

The Solution – Flipping the switch

CloudBlue Express: integration and service enablement for IBM software solutions

In response to the shifting paradigms in the industry, and to enable companies to become customer-focused operators, Element Blue has created the CloudBlue Hosted offerings.

The services combine consulting offerings, processes and technology to help IT and business address cost and the time for deliverying new IBM application technology.

CloudBlue helps the adoption and implentation of IBM SmartCloud or Amazon Web Services. In many cases, this adoption can dramatically change the capital expense and ongoing support models.

In additon, software license costs may shift to pay-as-you-go or other combined support contract options.

We offer experience for enterprise companies to ensure that the cost model and delivery timelines are accurate.

Some of the topologies available for IBM software licensing include:

  • Ultra-lite: Single server demo or integration environment
  • Lite: 4 server topology
  • HA: 6-8 server topology design for high availability
  • Enterprise: 10+ server topologies designed for large enterprise deployments and maximum scalability. These environments are designed to be expanded as your needs require.

Custom configuration options are also available.

Smarter Cloud Topologies

The Benefits – A competitive advantage

CloudBlue Express Services
  • Utilize the correct cost models and research to execute proper adoption and integration
  • Understand the impact for IT, and speed the education and adoption process
  • Ensure system security, scalability and flexibility to meet compliance and new customer requirements
CloudBlue Express Solutions
  • Optimize costs per cycle by driving the highest degree of utilization and efficient use of infrastructure platforms
  • Optimize expensive software costs and minimize delivery risk of IT investments.
  • Generate new revenue streams through the creation of additional product and service offerings.

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