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Intelligent Operations

The IOC is a software solution that visually delivers an integrated, cross-functional view of your operations. There are many use cases supporting nearly every industry.

Element Blue is an expert on the complete platform, its use, technology core, and the capability of end to end value through on-premise and a cloud delivery model.

The outcome for our customer’s operation is a meaningful and interconnected visual representation of information from multiple sources. The information delivered in an actionable way creates a responsive and efficient business operation.

Intelligent Operations Center
Intelligent Operations Center

There are many vital operational areas where your business may benefit

Process Visibility

Visibility over entire process – better integration of information and decision making in real time through an Integrated Information Core.

Exploration and Production Efficiency

Improving strike rate for exploration and production – more efficient identification in remote places increasing yields through seismic mapping a more intuitive data visualization.

Cross-border operations

Global operations – Natural Resources are moved over vast distances and across borders, requiring better real-time information from the field, plant, pipeline for improved visibility and planning. Sensor-based technologies can automate the supply chain and consolidate support operations into centers of excellence using remote collaboration.

Smarter Asset Management

Minimizing down time by ensuring maintenance is carried out preemptively and asset use is selective and appropriate to the task.

Health, Safety, Environment

Having greater visibility over these areas is paramount as operations become more complex and more remote, with greater potential for hazardous accidents. Using RFID technology and nano-sensors, personnel can be monitored and accounted for, and any changes in circumstances such as the status of an oil field can be predicted by analytics.

Collaboration and Innovation

In addition to having the past experience to draw upon to help Natural Resources businesses, IBM has set up Natural Resources Solutions Centers (NRSC) across the globe.


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