From years of smart city and industrial sensor based implementations, we help customers move to sustainable IoT engineering plans and software architectures that create business value.
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New value in sensor-based integration is difficult, and each provides unique business value.

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  • Cross-departmental collaboration in designing and implementing new, integrated IoT business processes.
  • Sensor data integration efforts can tie critical applications together with failures resulting in lost revenue due to disrupted operations.
  • Operational data exists in many different languages and formats, translation to a single form may not maintain the authenticity of the information.
  • Once built, your IoT platforms will need to be maintained and updated for new applications and shifting needs—a complex task requiring a skill set that may not exist in a single IT department.

Smarter IoT Planning

With our team of IoT engineering experts and a network of industry sensor partners, we can provide critical assistance in every phase of your Industrial Internet or Smart City implementation.  Our work with customers typically begins with a pilot program for understanding new insights from low cost, net-new sensing opportunities.  Furthermore we ensure that your new IoT programs are on track and developing as expected.  We offer enterprise IT assistance through architecture, maintenance, and support contracts tailored to fit your needs.

  • Hosting and management of IoT cloud solutions
  • Available enterprise IoT integration architects
  • Technical assistance during customization and development
  • Training and on-demand development services