Lloyd’s Energy and Integrity Services

Project Scope
  • Document Management System
  • Enterprise Asset Management System
  • Cloud Managed Services
  • Database Application Support

Establishing an automated content classification system for an international oil supplier. We significantly increased project document integrity while reducing supplier costs.

Lloyd’s Energy had a need for an alternative means of cataloging tens of thousands of project documents and reports for every job.  Typically, an individual would have to hand read each report and manually file them into their separate storage folders on their system’s database.

We developed a solution that could scan and analyze documents with an accuracy that was comparable to a human worker. Our technology would take into consideration file type, content, and then automatically sort files into predetermined destinations intelligently classified by the Element Blue team. This implementation has allowed our client to free up resources and allocate talent, and energy, to the places that need them most.

Maximizing organizational efficiency is not only crucial for the energy industry to reduce costs and increase revenues, it is also critical to the safety of many workers on location.

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Technology Solutions Utilized

Watson Content Analytics

Watson Content Analytics is a product that can analyze unstructured document data and build a classification and index system. The classification function gathers information in real-time from various sources.

Intelligent Operations

The Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) is a powerful tool that puts community information in the grasp of city leaders and government officials. With the ability to gather insights on transportation, water, public safety, and social services, the IOC utilizes the full capacity of IBM and Element Blue innovation.