New Jersey Turnpike Toll Road

Project Scope
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Legacy Transportation Application Integration
  • Toll Control System

Highways and transport channels are one of the most important factors in a city’s infrastructure—they are also one of the most expensive. City planners and traffic managers have the tough job of optimizing their roadways to meet the demands of growing urban centres.

With increasing migration from suburbs to cities, it has become more necessary than ever for officials to be able to measure, predict, and manage the growth necessary to maintain and expand infrastructure.

This stress on city growth is the impetus behind our Transportation package. We allow traffic managers to collect real-time traffic data and disseminate messages to drivers on the road via a single web dashboard. In addition to our Traffic Awareness and Operation tool kit, our advanced Traffic Prediction suite collects, stores, and analyzes roadway data and provides city planners with massive amounts of traffic information so resources can be offered to the places that need them most.

By implementing Smarter Transportation on IOC, we offered a platform that aggregated all of the traffic tools needed into a single dashboard. Smarter Transportation gave traffic officials access to live video feeds, real-time traffic data, and created a means of updating entire networks of digital roadway signs from a single machine.

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Technology Solutions Utilized


SensorInsight® is a custom Element Blue product that allows you to dive into real-time event data. This platform gathers information from sensor technology and collects, analyzes, and visualizes the data in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Intelligent Operations

The Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) is a powerful tool that puts community information in the grasp of city leaders and government officials. With the ability to gather insights on transportation, water, public safety, and social services, the IOC utilizes the full capacity of IBM and Element Blue innovation.