Toronto Waterfront Development

Project Scope
  • Smart Cities Platform and Marketplace
  • Digital and Web Experience

Creating smarter communities is no easy task, but alongside our friends at Waterfront Toronto, we worked to turn this Canadian city into the Most Intelligent Community of the Year, an international ICF recognition.

By employing Community Portal Hub and Intelligent Operations Center, Waterfront Toronto was set apart at the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) for creating a city that was not just connected—but interconnected. This differentiator elevated this project from the elite Top 7 at ICF, to become the model smart community for the year. It has gone on to win continuous awards including The Most Innovative Solution and the IBM Beacon Award.

Today, waterfront residents can engage with one another in online forums, social media pages, and on their beautiful city streets.

Technology Solutions Utilized


is a custom Element Blue product that allows you to dive into real-time event data. This platform gathers information from sensor technology and collects, analyzes, and visualizes the data in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Intelligent Operations

The Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) is a powerful tool that puts community information in the grasp of city leaders and government officials. With the ability to gather insights on transportation, water, public safety, and social services, the IOC utilizes the full capacity of IBM and Element Blue innovation.