Element Blue is an industry leader in helping healthcare and enterprise organizations move to new digital process and task operations, including RPA software architectures that creates increased business value.

Designing and operating a sustainable system for bot-based processes takes experience.  Each automation provides unique and usually significant business value.

What Can RPA Do For You?

  • Reduce costs by 50–70% for high-frequency repeated tasks
  • Decrease the manual task error rate by 10%
  • Increase accuracy: Organizations report achieving 100% processing accuracy when eliminating manual intervention
  • Enable continuous, round-the-clock productivity
  • Speed up processes: Organizations using RPA solutions report they can complete tasks up to 5 times faster than human employees
  • Reassign staff to higher-priority, innovative work by automating up to 45% of work activities

Smarter Digital Automation Planning

With our team of process consulting and industry experts, we can provide critical assistance in every phase of your digital automation or process re-engineering projects.  Our work with customers typically begins with a process survey for understanding new insights from a digital transformation strategy.

We can quickly help decipher the processes, tasks, and business rule automation technologies that are a best fit within your net-new automation opportunities.  Furthermore we ensure that your new digital business automation programs are on track and developing as expected.  We offer enterprise IT assistance through architecture, maintenance, and support contracts tailored to fit your needs.

  • Hosting and management of BPM and RPA cloud solutions
  • Enterprise hybrid cloud integration architecture planning
  • Design and engineering assistance during process transformation and development
  • Training and on-demand development services

What is RPA?


RPA is software that emulates human execution of repetitive work. It’s built on technologies designed to orchestrate, execute and enhance business workflows. Business users program the RPA software and set it in motion through a GUI.