In 2007, Quintana Energy Partners, L.P., was a newly-formed subsidiary of Quintana Capital Group. The Houston-based investor created the fund to make control-oriented investments across the oil and natural gas, coal and power industries. Once they began seeking investors, management knew they needed a Web presence in order to be successful.

Providing instant infrastructure on the Cloud.

After sitting down with Quintana and discussing their goals, we decided to go with IBM WebSphere Portal Express and IBM Web Content Manager. The software gave Quintana’s employees, customers and partners much easier access to the main hub of the business as well as any necessary information. It also gave them an infrastructure of a different sort.

Our first objective was to design and deploy the Web site itself so Quintana could begin using it as a marketing tool.  Up until that point, all initial inquiries and discussions with investors were done via phone, email and face-to-face meetings. With their new site in place, potential investors had access to all the necessary information quickly and professionally.

An ideal platform

A complement to the web site, the portal offers investors secure access to specific financial data. In a single log-on, investors can securely view and download investment-specific data.

With their new polished web site and functional portal, Quintana has improved their external communication and reduced their internal workload. And its easy to add or update to their web content; administrators can simply copy and paste new copy into the authoring template and, with one click, publish the new information.  Replacing email and spreadsheets with the new portal gave their investors a consolidated view of critical financial documents.

A worthwhile investment continues today

Since we host Quintana’s site at the Amazon Web Services data center, their costs are low and their users are ensured high availability. Their site functions as both a marketing and communication tool that reflects their fund and investors.