Texas Pediatric Hospital – Referral Automation

Project Scope
  • CloudBlue Forms and workflow platform
  • Amazon Web Services hosted integration
  • CloudBlue software solution architecture
  • Support deploying 22 specialty practice workflows

This children's hospital employs a digital form automation solution to maximize appointment completions for out-of-network PCP providers. The CloudBlue Forms service delivered by Element Blue integrates with Electronic Health Records (EHR) platform.

Texas Children’s Hospital wanted to increase referrals across 20+ specialty departments and enhance the overall referral experience for providers.  Texas Children’s takes in an average of 80,000 out-of-network referrals annually.  They needed a new digital form automation solution and new data services to allow PCP providers to refer patients.

Element Blue designed and implemented a web form based solution that improved the referral experience and ultimately led to more appointments.  The digital forms solution expedites appointment scheduling and provides a customized workflow centric approval process.  The solution has facilitated TCH in delivering a 17% increase in completed referral appointments for the hospital.  It also provides out of the box summarized reports on status of referrals and patient satisfaction metrics and indicators. It is a highly available, cloud-based HIPAA compliant and secure infrastructure design.

Technology Solutions Utilized

CloudBlue Digital Forms

CloudBlue offers class leading application hosting services for the integration of HIPAA data. Element Blue maintains many healthcare data client services for integration to external networks and data services..

Amazon Web Services

AWS is the leading cloud platform for hosting Healthcare data. Element Blue is a Select Amazon consulting partner and delivers healthcare specialized technology and certified engineering services.