All-inclusive managed cloud services, providing turn-key applications and systems on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and SoftLayer platforms.


Element Blue’s CloudBlue™ provides premium managed cloud services and support for our customer solutions.  Created for business application owners who need a managed, ready-to-use infrastructure for their industry, CloudBlue™ provides turnkey hosting and support packages with a wide range of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to fit your needs. Utilizing the elasticity of the cloud allows us to quickly deploy your environment and begin managing it in a fraction of the time required by using your data center. We have two decades of experience in planning, implementing, and managing infrastructure for advanced enterprise applications.  A managed cloud infrastructure as a service approach allows us to easily scale workloads to better fit your needs and budget.

CloudBlue allows you to be up and running in a matter of hours and provides:

  • Cloud architecture consulting and advisory services
  • Advanced system monitoring
  • Automated backups with little to no downtime
  • High-availability environments with data centers distributed worldwide

BlueVault Managed Storage

BlueVault provides uncompromised protection for your data with certified HIPAA and FedRamp centers.  With frequent backups, minimal downtime, and storage in a protected location, BlueVault allows you to rest assured that your data is secure.

Help is Just a Call or Click Away

CloudBlue™ offers a variety of industry leading, on-demand support options tailored to meet the needs of your business.

“CloudBlue allowed us to get a new business line up and running quickly.  Having a partner who handled all the layers of an integrated software platform and cloud facility allowed us to scale the business efficiently and successfully.”
–William Ely

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