We have extensive experience taking the hard problems, focusing on integrating complex, enterprise systems and fusing them into both employee and consumer facing digital experience solutions.
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Collectively, we bring hundreds of years of design and implementation experience to digital transformation projects.  We help our global clients modernize and transform their digital value proposition.

Element Blue delivers enhanced customer experience and bottom line results.  From web based digital platforms to mobile friendly sites and applications, we specialize in healthcare and enterprise level systems with integration in both employee and customer facing digital experience.

Having built digital platforms for sites topping 50 million users, we can deliver large-scale solutions with personalization for each individual user. Element Blue combines rich web or document related content with useful operational context and engaging user experience. Simple or sophisticated, we understand the management, workflow and security requirements to help online business excel.

Custom Mobile Application Development and Support

Using our extensive domain knowledge and technical expertise, Element Blue can work with your team to rapidly design and develop an application for field personnel built to meet your exact specifications.

  • Emergency Management
  • Utility and Maintenance Personnel
  • Domain Specific applications such as Airports, Stadiums, and Planned Events

Element Blue is constantly developing additional mobile applications and enhancing the current feature set on available devices.

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