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Element Blue Delivers

We offer an array of products to address every aspect of the journey your critical data takes – from the source, to the answers we all need and expect from our strategic business solutions.

As a solutions partner to Amazon, IBM, Lucidworks and others, Element Blue offers the best solutions for complex data retrieval and transformation, data security, data quality and information governance along with industry leading analytics platforms.

  • High performance framework for enterprise data integration including big data platforms both on-premise and in the cloud.
  • Investigate, cleanse and manage data quality.
  • Web-based platform for the implementation of strong data governance and stewardship of trusted information.
  • Enhance security and protect privacy with comprehensive data masking of sensitive information across all levels of the enterprise.
  • Data discovery, reporting, predictive analytics and data visualization.

Winston for IBM InfoSphere Datastage

Element Blue’s Winston is a framework that extends and simplifies the management and control of your environment and allows you to maximize system resources.

The heart of Winston is a resource aware engine that monitors your environment and ongoing jobs allowing for comprehensive analysis of data processing for all workloads. Winston provides a set of tools that are flexible yet work together to provide comprehensive improvement over your existing ETL or EAI environment.

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Winston agents provide a deep look into your data movement application environment, giving you a better view into the execution of objects and their characteristics related to performance.  Winston does not have access to your enterprise data, but simply the jobs and execution aspects related to your environment.  Additionally, Winston captures global environment metrics that can impact the execution of job objects. This includes metrics for your database and storage servers.

When asking the question “How do I decide how many nodes I need to execute a parallel job?” the answer is usually based on educated guess work. Winston is designed to remove this guess work, analyzing the historical data collected over time and producing reports to help you identify possible tuning changes to your environment.

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