Children’s Health System of Texas

Project Scope
  • Digital and Web Experience
  • Watson Analytics
  • Managed Cloud Services

Our work with Children’s Health System of Texas brought some of the most exciting parts of Watson technology to their healthcare operation.

By pairing Watson analytics with EPIC, we were able to use the patient database of electronic health records to provide physicians and researchers with a structured search tool to generate focused and higher quality results based on collective patient data.

In addition to analytics, our website overhaul and consumer experience implementation not only provided Children’s with a fresh new look, but provided a dedicated resource for patients outside of the hospital to receive meaningful information about health and wellness.

Technology Solutions Utilized

Customer Experience Platform

The consumer portal framework is a dynamic platform used to create interactive and personalized pages in mobile and web content systems. Our deployment integrates with many of the additional tools we offer and benefits the enterprise IT architecture for CHST.

Watson Content Analytics

Content analytics turns unstructured document data into digestible, usable information. This unique tool creates predictive and intelligent insights based on both historical and real-time statistics.

Forms Experience

Digital forms allow companies to administer paperless surveys, polls, and applications to clients, customers, and employees. This is a great tool for gathering information and promoting a greener, more sustainable operation.