This month has been quite active for us in the Houston Branch of Element Blue. We’ve added two new interns, welcomed a large new neighbor in our office complex, and have installed various electronic hardware toys around the office, for both efficiency and research. Through it all, our resident infrastructure expert keeps chugging away, showing that true Element Blue addiction to a job well done. I’m proud to introduce, Daniel Bernal, Industry Solutions Consultant.


Favorite thing about working at Element Blue?

The people. The team here really is like a family, so it makes it easy to enjoy coming to work everyday.

Coolest project you’ve worked on at Element Blue?

World Water Day for South Africa was a really interesting project. It was great to be able to give people an avenue where they could report problems with their water, and then turn around and be able to communicate those problems to the right people who can fix them.

Goals for yourself in conjunction with Element Blue?

My goal is to be able to increase my own skill set within the company and help it reach its full potential.

Favorite aspect of technology?

The Cloud!

What are you most looking forward to technology wise?

Being an avid gamer, I am really looking forward to how technology will be advanced towards something like Virtual Reality. I keep imagining it like those old school Johnny Quest Cartoons!

Random fact you’d like to share?

I have a twin brother, who happens to be the one publishing these bios!