Trademark Protection for Element Blue’s SensorInsight® Industrial Internet of Things Platform 

asdfElement Blue has recently been awarded trademark protection for SensorInsight®, our Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) platform.  Up to this point, our evolution with this platform has been anything but a straight line.  As a company, Element Blue has been doing sensor integration and big data analysis since its inception over 3 years ago. Even before that, many of us were entrenched in IBM’s Smarter Cities platform working in water, transportation, and other industries when the phrase ‘Internet of Things’ was barely a thing.


As with many innovative products, our work was born of necessity.  We had been performing some large scale integration for customers; integrating multiple systems, sensor platforms, weather and financial data, and consumables for some time. However, when faced with the reality of a common operating picture of their real-time and historic operations many customers asked themselves (and us) the question: “Now what?”. Sometimes when we have asked our customers what they needed to see, they didn’t know.  We had opened up new views into their operating environment that left a lot of open questions.


SensorInsight® Compare was one of our first products out of the gate designed to help answer that question, by allowing operators and subject matter experts the ability to really dig into their data and provide a detailed analysis across all of their systems.  Working on top of IBM Intelligent Water, Compare helps understand the questions that some of our customers spend days building spreadsheets to answer. But more than that, it allows you to do what-if analysis and look at data in ways you had not thought of before.


The SensorInsight® Industrial Internet of Things Platform is composed of a set of these products built on IBM technology that work together independently or connect seamlessly with IBM’s Intelligent Operations Center, Intelligent Water, and Intelligent Transportation allowing for us to deliver a unique set of industry focused applications on top of Industry hardened applications. Core to our technology is the easy integration of data from multiple sources, real-time analysis, and industry standard reports providing immediate out of the box value for our customers.  Our trademark registration gives Element Blue the exclusive right to identify our platform and our products. Recently announced in a press release issued via the wire, Element Blue described the significance of the trademark protection for SensorInsight to its stakeholders.  We are proud to be officially announcing the release of this brand and this innovative software product, which we feel is a key building block of our business. Learn more about the platform at


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