Every hour of every day, more data is being collected from an ever-growing array of sources. A recent post on the Data Integration Blog discusses how this influx of data makes it difficult to get real meaning from the data itself without a lot of analysis. Unstructured data is also part of this new data growth and is much harder to analyze.

Getting value from your data (structured and unstructured) requires the right integration technology and a partner or provider that can manage that integration well.

One of the reasons behind this growth of data is that more and better real-time insight is required to understand what is going on within the business. Our world has simply become data-driven, with the expectation for hard numbers to back up strategic decisions at every level. The Data Integration Blog post further explains that we want data that tells us exactly what’s happening right now and what we can expect to happen in the future. That’s the key to anticipating and predicting growth.

Organizations and cities are moving from merely puling data from reports—in other words, what happened last week—to real-time dashboards that highlight what’s happening now. Working with a customized dashboard has the added bonus of an easily understood, intuitive interface for users. Whether it’s our cars or our phones, we are used to seeing the important information we want and need in one place. Dashboards fit that format for businesses.

However, the key is to use both real-time and historical data. They’re both important. Real-time data is necessary to react, respond and move forwad quicker. At the same time, it’s cirtical to look back and see trends. That’s imperative to spotting anomalies. Don’t skip over useful insights from previous months or years in a rush toward future growth.

Finally, be sure to pick a technology partner or provider that has experience in real-time data integration and analysis. This will save you money and help you achieve growth goals in the long run.



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