“Konica Minolta has very loyal customers.”

This loyalty is reflected in Konica Minolta’s position as top multifunction printer in Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index® for more than 10 years.

Kay Du Fernandez, Konica Minolta’s senior vice president, marketing, understands that “today’s customers want interactions that are easy, fast and reliable. We set extremely high standards for our customer experience and work continually to make each customer’s journey the best it can possibly be.”

When Konica Minolta’s customers began having issues in obtaining desired results with the site’s user search, it was clearly a problem that required a solid and reliable remedy. Konica Minolta’s marketing department needed to improve the user search experience and eliminate customer support issues related to users’ inability to locate manuals, products and parts.

Leveraging LucidWorks Fusion, a leading enterprise search platform based on open source technology, Element Blue implemented a new search experience for Konica Minolta’s U.S. and Canadian public sites. The project’s goal was to improve the user search experience and eliminate customer service issues with finding products and parts, in keeping with Konica Minolta’s commitment to providing customers with fast, easy and reliable interactions.

According to Fernandez, “customer expectations increase year after year,” and therefore “it becomes crucial that we adopt new ways of engaging with and listening to our customers in order to maintain our category lead. We have been able to deliver value, which is important in our industry as technology advances at warp speed.”

With the implementation of a new search experience on the customer facing sites, the integrity of the information returned in the search process – along with performance – markedly improved the user experience. The new functionality also allowed Konica Minolta’s marketing department to shape content and navigation on the site based on a view of what users are searching for.