Making medical imaging collaboration easy for patients, doctors, clinics & hospitals

Element Blue has partnered with Medicai, an organization focused on enabling patient-doctor collaboration for medical imaging, to bring its platform to the U.S. healthcare market.

Medicai’s goal is to make medical imaging collaboration easy for patients, doctors, clinics and hospitals by enabling patient-doctor collaboration through secure, online sharing and communication – no matter where they are. The platform is an ideal complement to Element Blue’s healthcare hyperautomation solutions, which support health systems and patients throughout the country by automating routine, redundant tasks related to clinical and revenue cycle processes.

Patients, doctors, hospitals and clinics all benefit from Medicai:

  • Saves time and money for patients through online sharing and communication privately with doctors and clinics
  • Brings together multidisciplinary doctor teams, wherever they are
  • Helps clinics and hospitals build their own online multidisciplinary doctor teams and create their online patient imaging archives, with or without an existing PAC system in place

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