Houston, TEXAS,  December 15, 2015—Element Blue™, a leading IT consulting firm and solution provider of IBM software products, today introduced a new company, SensorInsight®,  an Internet of Things (IoT) provider for critical data environments. SensorInsight® is used by organizations for the integration, display and detailed analysis of data from multiple sources providing an environment where users can view and compare real-time and historic data patterns, receive alerts and notifications and trigger workflows and actions based on the data for use in industrial environments.

SensorInsight® is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform designed to provide insight across specific domains, such as energy and utilities, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, and smarter cities. The platform works by providing deep analytics and complete access to your existing or new data. SensorInsight® industry packs provide tailored domain specific reports and analysis based on common issues for a particular industry.

“After years of successfully servicing this specialized market and growing our brand, we are delighted to now be in a position to spin-off a whole new separate company. Today we are making this state-of-the-art technology for use in the “Industrial IoT” available to our customers globally directly through SensorInsight® as a new, separate company,” said Joey Bernal, Co-founder and President of SensorInsight®, and CTO and Managing Partner at Element Blue.

“By establishing this company as a separate entity, we will have the resources and autonomy to grow and expand in new ways and address the needs of this specialized, rapidly growing Internet of Things market,” Bernal explained.

SensorInsight® bridges the gap between data silos to harness and visualize all of a company’s instrumented systems and applications, providing a comprehensive view across the entire operation.  Specifically designed for industry applications SensorInsight® provides a homogeneous layer above your operational systems, allowing users to react and discover new insights.   SensorInsight® makes it easy to get the complete picture, fast.

“It’s inspiring to see our technology being used in ways that have such a real impact on people’s lives. SensorInsight® is very exciting technology because of its ability to pull together so many forms of disparate data, and put them into a single view, allowing managers to monitor thresholds, KPI’s, and trends, and then shorten response times with real-time alerts,” Bernal added.

SensorInsight® is a Software-as-a-Service solution that is driving new innovation and affordable adoption for companies seeking a platform for rapidly developing IoT based sensor networks.

SensorInsight® brings this data together in a highly customizable big data software platform with dashboards and reports that have industry applications ranging from roads, railways, power, and waterways, all the way to healthcare uses. The suite of software provides operators and subject matter experts the ability to:

  • View individual data sets, or cross tabulate multiple integrated data sets gathered from multiple sensor networks or systems.
  • Monitor dashboards, allowing for a complete overview of all systems.
  • Provide reports and analysis specific to industry and business needs, allowing users easy access to valuable information that can increase efficiency and save money.
  • Process data in real-time as it comes into the system and send out alerts, allowing for quick response to potential issues before they get too far.
  • By getting data into the hands of decision makers quickly in a view that is easily understood and can be acted upon, SensorInsight® increases operational efficiency across organizations.