Houston, TEXAS, October 13, 2015—Element Blue™, a leading IT consulting firm and solution provider of IBM software products, introduced a new company, RightSensor™ LLC, an Internet of Things (IoT) hardware supplier that delivers custom and pre-configured sensor systems and data communications capability. RightSensor™ provides a fully-managed approach for customers requiring sensor hardware for critical data environments.

RightSensor™, working with its sensor and communication partners, provides wireless sensor networks, mesh networks and communication protocols for a robust set of distributed network and communication protocols. RightSensor™ will source, configure, install and maintain wired and wireless sensor modules for a variety of industries. Solutions will be based on open source to high-end industrial commercial components depending upon budget and requirements. RightSensor™ has already partnered with several key sensor providers to ensure availability of solutions for our customers.

“After extensive research development and testing, we are delighted to make available this state-of-the-art technology for use in the Industrial IoT and Smart Cities, providing world class hardware solutions to our customers globally,” said Joey Bernal, CTO and managing partner at Element Blue.

RightSensor™ solutions can communicate using a variety of protocols including:

  • 802.15.4 or ZigBee
  • LoRa 868 / 915MHz
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.0
  • WiFi

“It gives me great pleasure to introduce our RightSensor™ hardware sensors, solution and communication packages, addressing customer needs for the most efficient hardware solution packages to meet their most demanding requirements,” Bernal said.

RightSensor™ is well-suited with ready-to-go solution packages designed for the following industries:

  • Environmental: for monitoring air quality and pollution levels, gas leakage, radiation monitoring
  • Manufacturing: for monitoring worker and environmental conditions, process and storage monitoring and control
  • Water solutions: for monitoring water levels, overflow, and flow rates water quality and tank monitoring and leakage
  • Transportation: for regulating parking spaces, fleet and container tracking, pedestrian and traffic congestion
  • Agriculture: for monitoring soil moisture, local weather and ultraviolet radiation levels

RightSensor™ offers the following capability for each industry solution package:

  • Sensor sourcing and design
  • Field installation and calibration
  • Data transmission and collection
  • Maintenance and support