Element Blue, a Houston based software solutions provider, is pleased to announce another successful deployment in the area of water managephpaUEHPqAMment with its software suite, SensorInsight. As a leading provider of IBM’s Intelligent Operations for Water, Element Blue created SensorInsight to compliment the Intelligent Water platform, as well as be a stand-alone product.

Water management is a matter of life and death in East Africa. During dry seasons water shortages and droughts ruin harvests, kill livestock, and drive up food prices as a result, causing millions of farmers to lose their livelihoods and famine to spread across the country. Oxfam international turned to Element Blue to create a long-term solution for water management.

“Oxfam made great progress in drilling boreholes and creating schemes to ensure water was getting to the communities that needed it,” said Element Blue CEO Steven Gerhardt, “Once they had that system in place they needed a way to monitor and manage it for maximum efficiency.”

Element Blue debuted their custom SensorInsight system for Oxfam, allowing the organization, and a wide variety of stakeholders in water and drought management in the region, to monitor water systems for supply, demand, and functionality and to correlate the data to variables such as temperature, time of year, and location. Within a matter of months, water managers in Eastern Africa were able to identify malfunctions in real-time, allocate the necessary resources to remedy issues, understand trends, receive early warning alerts for water stress conditions, and thereby provide smarter water to thousands of people and animals across Kenya and Ethiopia.

“Its great to see our technology being used in ways that have such a real impact on peoples lives.” said Element Blue CTO Joey Bernal, “ SensorInsight is very exciting because of its ability to pull together so many forms of data, put it into formats that allow managers to monitor KPI’s, and the shortened response times the real time alerts provide.”

Element Blue’s SensorInsight is highly customizable and has industry applications that range from water to transportation and healthcare. The suite of software offers:

  • Compare: View individual data sets, or cross tabulate multiple data sets gathered from sensor networks
  • Dashboard: Allows users a complete overview of all systems
  • Integrate: Streamline siloed or isolated data into the system
  • Industry Packs: Reports specific to your industry and business needs provide users easy access to valuable information that can increase efficiency and save money.
  • Real-Time: Looks at data as it comes in and sends out alerts in real-time, allowing for quick response to potential issues

By getting data into the hands of decision makers quickly and in easy to understand formats, SensorInsight increases operational efficiency across organizations.