Houston, September 27, 2022Founda Health, a leading healthcare platform solution and Element Blue, a leader in intelligent automation and patient experience, announce a formal collaboration as part of a “Partner Development Program.”

The multi-tiered partnership framework aimed at delivering strategic value to healthcare organizations will enable Founda to provide healthcare-specific technology system solutions to Element Blue’s existing and new clients. Element Blue develops custom RPA and intelligent automation solutions for healthcare providers and related businesses. With Founda’s platform, Element Blue will be able to:

  1. Provide scalable, easy-to-integrate solutions for providers, payers, and ancillary healthcare and life sciences organizations, including BPOs
  2. Capitalize on Founda’s proprietary Transformation service that transforms any incoming message to the required output format (FHIR). The number of supported transformations to and from FHIR R4 grows continuously
  3. Implement new e-Health solutions for providers at a faster rate due to the integrate vs build solutions, with Founda offering the former in a cohesive, documented, and self-enablement methodology.

“We are excited to join the Founda team partnership to help lower our customers’ development costs related to the management of patient data interfaces,” said Steven Gerhardt, CEO and Managing Partner, Element Blue. “Working for more than a decade in healthcare technology, we’ve found that our automation solutions can drive FHIR-based adoption further when combined with Founda’s tools and approach. Founda’s capabilities and vision will help us deliver a simpler maintenance and cost structure for our healthcare customers in the areas of telehealth, referral management, patient access, and claim processes. Our initial solutions will enhance our UiPath automation practice with health system EHR connectivity to Cerner, Epic and eClinicalWorks.”

The joint initiative between Element Blue and Founda significantly effects data integration, accelerating implementation by 30%-40%. Element Blue anticipates impacting twelve major health systems – including 1.3 million telehealth patients – in the first year of collaboration.

“One of healthcare’s greatest challenge today is the movement of data, standardized, seamless and secure,” emphasizes Jeroen Netten, co-founder and President Americas of Founda Health. “Founda’s platform solution is tailored specifically for healthcare with true standards-based interoperability, scalable FHIR endpoints and the ability to integrate instead of building each solution from scratch.”


Founda Health empowers providers, digital health solutions, IT teams and payers via a scalable API infrastructure for healthcare. The solution improves organizational efficiency thereby driving growth and financial profitability.

Built on modern healthcare standards such as FHIR, the platform is cloud-based, zero-trust and moves data efficiently across non-standardized interfaces without storing any of it. Powered by a translation engine that can transform data into standardized inputs compliant as per healthcare norms, we ensure the system works in real-time, seamlessly, and interoperable. Built on a zero-trust, zero-storage technological framework.

Headquartered in the Netherlands with a U.S. office in San Francisco, Founda is a 50+ member strong team. Reach out to them on www.foundahealth.com


Element Blue enables healthcare systems to transform the patient experience and reduce costs through increased personalization and intelligent automation. The practice’s Blueprint Services Framework impacts referrals, patient access, the revenue cycle, and clinical services at the most critical stages of the customer journey, resulting in a seamless encounter across the system.

By empowering patients and employees to actively manage their unique healthcare experiences, Element Blue increases the satisfaction of every health system consumer: customers, patients, and members.

Houston-based, Element Blue has offices in Dubai, Hyderabad, Nairobi, Lima, and San Jose. For more information, please go to ElementBlue.com.