Houston, TEXAS, February 3, 2016—SensorInsight®, an Internet of Things (IoT) provider for critical data environments, announced today four new vertical industry packages for Energy and Utilities, Environmental Monitoring, Manufacturing, and Transportation.  Used by organizations for the integration, display and detailed analysis of data from multiple sources, these packages offer users the ability to view and compare current and historic data patterns, receive real-time alerts and notifications, and trigger automated workflows and corrective actions based on industry-specific data.

“After years of successfully servicing these specialized industries with our data analytics software, we are pleased to now be able to offer end-to-end industry-specific, state-of-the-art vertical software packages for use in the “Industrial IoT” space,” said Joey Bernal, Co-founder and President of SensorInsight®.

The platform works by providing deep analytics and complete access to an organization’s existing or new data.  SensorInsight® industry packs provide tailored, domain-specific reports and analysis based on common issues for a particular industry. SensorInsight offers users the ability to:

  • View data from across the entire environment.
  • Select and design operational dashboards, custom alerts and KPI capability.
  • Retrieve data analysis, forecasts, trend analysis, what-if’s.
  • Secure decision management support.

SensorInsight® bridges the gap between data silos to harness and visualize all of a company’s instrumented systems and applications, providing a comprehensive view across the entire operation.  Specifically designed for industry applications, SensorInsight® provides a homogenous layer above operational systems, allowing users to react to changes in real-time and gain new insights.  SensorInsight® makes it easy to get the complete picture, fast.

Energy and Utilities

Business managers, engineers, facility directors and government agencies work to continuously optimize the way energy is used and produced.

With the SensorInsight® industry pack for energy and utilities, efficiency is enhanced and substantial gains are made from within the confines of the facility.  There are countless procedures and systems in place on oil rigs and in utility plants to ensure that operations are running according to business and safety standards.  As these systems optimize operations, SensorInsight® offers a solution that monitors, analyzes, and maintains these systems.

Thousands of regulatory documents are shared and stored on a daily basis, and numerous computer programs are used to track inventory, generate reports, and analyze facility needs. SensorInsight’s custom built tool allows energy managers to streamline and automate many of their documentation and record keeping processes.  This automation process not only optimizes valuable employee time, but it also decreases overhead costs for oil and gas companies.

Environmental Monitoring

Many organizations throughout the world have a need for environmental monitoring. Some of the areas of concern include public and worker safety, lack of awareness of the surrounding environment, or the need for more rigid monitoring to meet environmental and government requirements.  Environmental monitoring can take several forms such as:

  • Measuring and reporting on Air Quality Index (AQI).
  • Monitoring to ensure the air quality is within certain parameters, such as CO2 levels for a greenhouse.
  • Monitoring emissions from factories, farms or hatcheries to ensure they’re within regulatory and safety standards.
  • Tracking dust, noise or light levels in a factory or office building to ensure worker safety and productivity.
  • Measuring potentially harmful emissions from factories, or runoff into public water sources.

Smart Manufacturing

Manufacturing businesses, in fields such as electronics, food, chemicals and petroleum, can benefit from gaining greater insight into their operations, and improve worker productivity by streamlining and optimizing tracking the safety and security of their workforce.  Common examples of manufacturing monitoring include:

  • Product storage condition monitoring.
  • Environmental emissions monitoring to ensure compliance and public safety.
  • Industrial process monitoring and tracking.

Each of these examples brings both tangible and non-tangible benefits to the business, including maintaining quality control of production environments, reducing loss of goods from poorly managed storage environments, and improved health and safety for workers and the general public.


City traffic and congestion continues to worsen as more people are moving to urban areas, while public concerns over auto exhaust pollution and carbon footprints increase, creating demand for more efficient traffic management and planning.  SensorInsight® Smart Transportation and Parking kit can improve the accuracy of travel times and safety by monitoring the roads for accidents, traffic jams, and construction.

SensorInsight’s IIOT solution can also help operators of car and truck fleets today optimize delivery schedules and routes to reduce costs and increase efficiency.  Parking issues have also become central to this Smart Transportation movement.  Regulated parking areas are often inefficient and require a huge investment in human resources to manage with little added value for visitors or business owners. Optimizing the management of parking systems can help reduce costs and streamline parking payment control, improving both business owner and visitor experiences.

SensorInsight® can integrate with any existing parking payment system to provide an easy way for drivers to pay and business owners to monitor payment compliance and profitability.

Benefits smart transportation solutions include:

  • More accurate parking availability information on panels and mobile devices.
  • Increased revenue from parking turnover and automated payment methods.
  • Real-time identification of violations for more effective parking enforcement.
  • Decreased visitor time spent trying to park, reducing driver stress and improving client experience and safety.
  • Improved sustainability by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, noise pollution, and traffic congestion.
  • Vehicle or fleet tracking (speed, direction, engine parameters, stops, open doors).
  • Delivery truck condition monitoring, i.e., freezer truck temperature conditions to prevent goods being damaged due to environmental influences.

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