As the summer heat really starts to settle in, it gets harder to muster up energy for the working day. However, one of our team members always manages to share her never-ending positivity. Martha Stehling, Element Blue’s Sales Manager of North America is ever ready with a smile and a nice thing to say. Meet Martha!


Favorite thing about working at Element Blue?

Working with the management team – all hands-on leaders that bring a spirit of partnership, passion and drive for excellence to the environment here, each and every day.

Coolest project you’ve worked on at Element Blue?

Cool projects abound here.  Every day I am able to bring what I have learned from the great sales leaders I have worked for, and apply those concepts to further Element Blue’s mission, whether that is in the area of partnership development, client pursuits, or the development of sales campaigns.

Goals for yourself in conjunction with Element Blue?

A desire to facilitate the success of our sales team and establish a strong sales culture centered around development of relationships based on trust with our clients.  Trust is directly related to intimacy and credibility and inversely related to risk.  Our clients manage tremendous risk on projects.  How do we establish trust?  By investing the time to understand our customer’s needs and business situation, and delivering on the little things you do over time helps build lasting relationships.  That, along with coming to the table with an open mind on possible solutions for the client fuels success.

Favorite aspect of technology?

Introducing unique technology opportunities and concepts to clients and walking through those concepts with the client in such a way that it makes it feasible for the client to establish leading edge efforts within their organizations.

What are you most looking forward to technology wise?

Autonomous cars.

Random fact you’d like to share?

I can twirl three batons at once!