Most of our team members tend to travel around the globe for our clients. Since this blogger has been in the office, it seems that one team member travels more than most. South, North, East, and West, Muhammed Saqib Siddiqui is quite accustomed to the business of flying. Meet our Senior Industry Solutions Consultant, Saqib.

Favorite thing about working at Element Blue?
 my pic2
I love to work in a professional, but friendly environment. I also love the way we help each other in all challenges, including official and sometimes unofficial.

Coolest project you’ve worked on at Element Blue?
I’ve really enjoyed all of Element Blue’s projects; every project has different types of challenges and learning curves which really motivates me in the completion of the project.

Goals for yourself in conjunction with Element Blue?
My goal is to build lots of Smarter Cities.

Favorite aspect of technology?
The Cloud and Virtual Machines.

What are you most looking forward to technology wise?
3D Hologram video chats so that I can chat with my family from anywhere in the world.

Random fact you’d like to share?
I love photography and am always interested in exploring new places & cities.