Welcome back to our Team Introduction Series! One of our team members is actually enjoying the peak of Houston’s summer heat. This may be because he’s been spending the past few months out in California for a client, and only gets to be in Houston on the weekends, but he seems to think that it’s too cold out there. Meet Stefan Petrovic, our UI Designer and Front End Developer, or as he likes to say, “Getting people from WTF to FTW.”

Favorite thing about working at Element Blue?523031_10150941710103272_112933779_n
We tend to work on projects that impact millions of people. We love challenges.

Coolest project you’ve worked on at Element Blue?
Secret Project 000554 (Sorry, I’d tell you about it, but I’m still under a NDA)

Goals for yourself in conjunction with Element Blue?
Live long and prosper.

Favorite aspect of technology?
The fact that it’s a never ending story.

What are you most looking forward to technology wise?
– Free electricity and wire free (Nikola Tesla rules!)
– Warp speed and space travel

Random fact you’d like to share?
There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don’t.