This week’s team member introduction is a very special one, because she helps keep the entire office running! In fact, when she goes out of town, everyone comes to this blogger for help with printing, stamps, sending and receiving mail, and all the other little things that our coworkers need in order to actually be able to do their work. Meet Meredith Grigg, our Office Administrator/Applications Consultant.

Favorite thing about working at Element Blue? 


I love the people here and how relaxed the environment is. Its rare that you really like being around EVERYONE in the office!

Coolest project you’ve worked on at Element Blue?

I don’t think I can choose just one!

Goals for yourself in conjunction with Element Blue?

My goals here at Element Blue are to further my technical skills so that I can help the company grow.

Favorite aspect of technology?

I love that its always changing and always helping me to learn new things.

What are you most looking forward to technology wise?

I would like to see more eco-friendly technologies that help the environment.

Random fact you’d like to share?

Like Daniel and Chris, I too work with my brother, Sean Grigg. It literally is a family affair around here!