IBM Pulse 2013

Next week Element Blue will be presenting at IBM Pulse on the Intelligent Water solution that we have provided to Desert Mountain.


Desert Mountain, with 4,500 residents and six golf courses, is already a leader in water conservation as the largest reclaimed water user (26 million gallons) in metro Phoenix-Scottsdale, AZ. The community is using IBM analytics software to manage irrigation of its championship grade golf courses and expects to reduce up to 10% of its water usage and generate an additional 10% savings in energy costs related to water pumping and distribution.
Using IBM Intelligent Operation Center software for Smarter Cities with IBM Business Partner Element Blue, site managers and agronomists can now have in-depth access to a variety of key data ranging from turf conditions, soil moisture, volume and frequency of watering to fertilizer application, distribution costs and weather forecasts. The new solution delivers real-time data for managing irrigation systems, monitoring exact water supplies and allocating water with unprecedented speed.

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