A Cloud-Based System: Why It Might Be The Best Fit For Your Organization

An ongoing debate pits cloud systems against on-premises systems; and certainly there are arguments for both. However, building systems in the cloud offers real savings on servers and utility bills, and allows organizations to implement complex solutions faster. If you add more powerful computing capacity and knowledgeable teams already in place for support and maintenance […]

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Focus Your Organization on Harnessing The Power Of Data!

In today’s high-tech world, from weather to power generation, sensors and measurement tools are almost standard equipment for infrastructure, municipalities and organizations to have access to a lot of interesting data. All of that data can be pulled together to create relevant information. As a recent article about the Industrial Internet on CFO.com by Timothy […]

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When is Collecting Data And Providing Dashboards Not Enough?

The information technology and infrastructure management worlds are understandably enamored with metrics and benchmarks data lately. But while collecting data and providing dashboards is great, it’s not enough. As an article on the EPM Channel website explains, it’s not how much data you can capture but rather how actionable that data is. The key is […]

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How One Vietnamese City Is Becoming A Global Leader In Infrastructure Management Using IBM Technology

As the capacity for analyzing previously unimaginable volumes of data in near real-time evolves, it only makes sense for cities and organizations to apply that data analysis to making operations more efficient. A recent article on the Environmental Leader website discusses how Da Nang, Vietnam, plans to better manage its infrastructure—and ultimately save time and […]

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