What’s The Key To Getting More Value Out Of Your Disparate Systems?

Data is essentially useless if it’s not normalized. A great example of the power of normalized data can be found in urban-infrastructure systems. Modern municipal water and power systems contain a tremendous amount of data that can be used to more efficiently manage operations—as long as the right people are able to access key data. Normalizing data […]

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Why Is Technology Vital To Staying In Sync With Your Constituents And Customers?

The rising tide of social media and mobile devices means people are talking about what matters to them in a very public way wherever they are. Cities and large businesses have an unprecedented array of tools available for communicating with constituents and customers. As the number of communication technologies grows, trends emerge. However, cities and […]

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How Improving Alert Settings Can Save Organizations Money?

We’re told that understanding our data is the key to a more productive workforce, more efficient resource management and faster/more accurate warnings when something is awry in operations. That’s true—to an extent. Before we can really benefit from the massive streams of data being unleashed in our systems every hour of every day, we have […]

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Using Custom Mobile Apps to Gather Data

Chief Technology Officer and Former IBM Technologist, Joey Bernal, on using custom mobile apps to yield consumer data. In today’s increasingly computerized and mechanized world, cities and large organizations are constantly creating almost unimaginable volumes and varieties of data. These entities can often make significant progress in gathering the most relevant data and improving the […]

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Building the Smartest City

A peek behind the technology revitalizing Toronto’s Waterfront. What does it mean to be a smart city? Well—our friends over at Toronto’s waterfront should know. This year the Canadian city snagged the honor of being named the Most Intelligent Community of the Year by the Intelligent Communities Forum for their urban revitalization project. After advancing to […]

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Could Focused Applications Of Big Data Strengthen Your Bottom Line?

The tremendous revenue-generating potential of Big Data is taking organizations in a vast array of industries by storm. However, a recent article on the TechRepublic website points out that when your organization is planning to gain value by harnessing Big Data, it’s important to focus on the data you already have, even if it doesn’t appear to be […]

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