Revenue Cycle Management Challenges and Landscape

As leadership continues to look for revenue cycle management teams to make improvements, there are continued pressures in healthcare to identify cost efficiency opportunities and generate stronger cash flows. Between ICD-10, accountable care and other regulations it is in the hospital’s best interests to have effective revenue cycle management systems to meet financial pressures and […]

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How Community Hub Represents The Future of Social Business

IBM’s Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) platform has always been seen (and sold) as an internal tool for making your enterprise run more efficiently. Recently, a more social side of the software platform’s capabilities has come to light. The Waterfront Toronto Community Hub project, built from the IBM IOC platform by Element Blue, seamlessly integrates social […]

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How is Technology Transforming Social Engagement On The Toronto Waterfront?

When the City of Toronto and the governments of Ontario and Canada decided to invest a collective $1.5 billion in revitalizing Toronto’s former shipping port, they knew they had a unique opportunity to make the area a prime example of how municipalities could look and operate in the future. Recognizing that the world is increasingly […]

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What Can City Planners Learn From The Toronto Waterfront Project?

The Toronto Waterfront project, a multilevel effort to revitalize the city’s industrial shipping port, is a great example of how cities can integrate technology and infrastructure to make more efficient communities with social interactions readily available 24/7 for residents. The project represents a $1.5 billion investment by the City of Toronto and the governments of […]

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What Are The Top Priorities For Managing Information Flow?

In order to truly benefit from data collection and analysis, you need to make strategic decisions about where to apply your new insights. Cities and large organizations can benefit from taking an intelligent operations center (IOC) approach to managing information flow in which users are given customized dashboards presenting critical data measurements. The key to […]

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Focus Your Organization on Harnessing The Power Of Data!

In today’s high-tech world, from weather to power generation, sensors and measurement tools are almost standard equipment for infrastructure, municipalities and organizations to have access to a lot of interesting data. All of that data can be pulled together to create relevant information. As a recent article about the Industrial Internet on by Timothy […]

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