Focus Your Organization on Harnessing The Power Of Data!

In today’s high-tech world, from weather to power generation, sensors and measurement tools are almost standard equipment for infrastructure, municipalities and organizations to have access to a lot of interesting data. All of that data can be pulled together to create relevant information. As a recent article about the Industrial Internet on by Timothy […]

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Use More Organized Data To Benefit Your Organization

In today‚Äôs increasingly computerized and mechanized world, cities and large organizations are constantly creating almost unimaginable volumes and varieties of data. These entities can often make significant progress in gathering the most relevant data and improving the efficiency of operations by automating (or instrumenting) systems and making wider use of customized mobile apps. The constant […]

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Why Does It Matter How You Harness Big Data?

Businesses and cities around the world are increasingly relying on sophisticated real-time data analysis to predict future performance and create proactive strategies. A recent article on describes how Big Data analysis is being applied to every aspect of operations and outreach in visionary terms, although the reality may not stack up completely. Social media […]

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