How Improved Enterprise Search Contributes to Konica Minolta’s Unbeatable Customer Experience & Satisfaction Record

When Konica Minolta’s customers began having issues in obtaining desired results with the site’s user search, it was clearly a problem that required a solid and reliable remedy. Leveraging LucidWorks Fusion, a leading enterprise search platform based on open source technology, Element Blue implemented a new, improved search experience.

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CMOs are driving enterprise-wide product management infrastructure change

In this era of immediate and information-rich (attention-poor) communication, marketing departments have become the epicenter of a company’s product offering. Consumers are ditching dumb-phones and, in many cases, email for the much quicker route of social media outlets, company websites, and location driven mobile applications. These changes in consumer information gathering and shopping behavior have […]

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Element Blue: better web experiences

“We’re able to reach more people and to provide more detailed, relevant information to our customers and their participants.” Greg Cox, Hearts Direct Publishing We’ve spent years helping our clients reach more people and provide a smooth user experience.  And now, we at Element Blue (formerly Ixion) look forward to reaching more of our audience through […]

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What is Portal NOW | Case Study

What is Portal NOW ? When it comes to laying the foundation of your website, the separation of content from presentation provides the maximum benefits. That’s why we teamed up with IBM WebSphere to help businesses like yours create dynamic websites with this rule in mind. IBM WebSphere Portal NOW is our answer; we can […]

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IBM Web Content Manager | Case Study

In 2007, Quintana Energy Partners, L.P., was a newly-formed subsidiary of Quintana Capital Group. The Houston-based investor created the fund to make control-oriented investments across the oil and natural gas, coal and power industries. Once they began seeking investors, management knew they needed a Web presence in order to be successful. Providing instant infrastructure on […]

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Balfour Beatty Construction Content Hub “BBNet”

On Monday Balfour Beatty started their week off with a new face-lift to their employee portal. The Element Blue team led a redesign and deployment effort this past year to bring new life to their corporate content hub, “BBNet.” Hats off to Sean, Venu, Stefan and all the Balfour team in our 9th inning closing […]

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