What’s The Key To Getting More Value Out Of Your Disparate Systems?

Data is essentially useless if it’s not normalized. A great example of the power of normalized data can be found in urban-infrastructure systems. Modern municipal water and power systems contain a tremendous amount of data that can be used to more efficiently manage operations—as long as the right people are able to access key data. Normalizing data […]

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Could Focused Applications Of Big Data Strengthen Your Bottom Line?

The tremendous revenue-generating potential of Big Data is taking organizations in a vast array of industries by storm. However, a recent article on the TechRepublic website points out that when your organization is planning to gain value by harnessing Big Data, it’s important to focus on the data you already have, even if it doesn’t appear to be […]

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How Can IBM’s Approach To Sensors Change The World?

Around the world, the increased use of sensors—and the data insights they provide—is leading to better management of resources and increased efficiency. A recent article on Forbes.com highlights how IBM is creating smarter cities with sensor technology. The article also discusses how advanced application of sensors can be used to address any number of everyday […]

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How Can Prioritizing Data Empower Everyday Decision Makers?

Cities and large organizations operate multiple systems—from utilities to CRM platforms—that can create an almost unimaginable volume of data on any given day. Making good use of that data can ensure operations run smoothly and increase revenue. Conversely, becoming overwhelmed by massive volumes of unorganized, unstructured data can be an operations nightmare. The end goal […]

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