Three Ways to Improve Efficiency

Technology is playing an evolving role in protecting communities around the globe from damage to the environment and public health threats. With the rise of Big Data analysis, these solutions have their own part to play in protecting society. An article on highlights how Dutch water experts are working with IBM on a new […]

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Semantic models for Smarter Cities

The Intelligent Operations Center 1.5 (IOC) provides a set of features known as the Semantic Model Services. Actually this set of services is provided through the integration of the IBM Integrated Information Core (IIC) which is embedded into the IOC. Knowing this is important because the Integrated Information Core is a powerful set of components […]

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Measuring Sustainability for Intelligent Water

One of the major focus areas for our company (Element Blue) is Intelligent Water. Actually it’s just one leg of the Smarter Cities stool, but one that we think it is extremely important today.  The idea is to help the public, commercial, agriculture, and private entities better understand and manage their resources usage, in this […]

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