How One Vietnamese City Is Becoming A Global Leader In Infrastructure Management Using IBM Technology

As the capacity for analyzing previously unimaginable volumes of data in near real-time evolves, it only makes sense for cities and organizations to apply that data analysis to making operations more efficient. A recent article on the Environmental Leader website discusses how Da Nang, Vietnam, plans to better manage its infrastructure—and ultimately save time and […]

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Trademark Protection for SensorInsight® Industrial Internet of Things Platform

Trademark Protection for Element Blue’s SensorInsight® Industrial Internet of Things Platform  Element Blue has recently been awarded trademark protection for SensorInsight®, our Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) platform.  Up to this point, our evolution with this platform has been anything but a straight line.  As a company, Element Blue has been doing sensor integration and big […]

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How Can IBM’s Approach To Sensors Change The World?

Around the world, the increased use of sensors—and the data insights they provide—is leading to better management of resources and increased efficiency. A recent article on highlights how IBM is creating smarter cities with sensor technology. The article also discusses how advanced application of sensors can be used to address any number of everyday […]

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