Houston Team: Meredith Grigg

This week’s team member introduction is a very special one, because she helps keep the entire office running! In fact, when she goes out of town, everyone comes to this blogger for help with printing, stamps, sending and receiving mail, and all the other little things that our coworkers need in order to actually be […]

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Houston Team: Stefan Petrovic

Welcome back to our Team Introduction Series! One of our team members is actually enjoying the peak of Houston’s summer heat. This may be because he’s been spending the past few months out in California for a client, and only gets to be in Houston on the weekends, but he seems to think that it’s […]

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How Can IBM’s Approach To Sensors Change The World?

Around the world, the increased use of sensors—and the data insights they provide—is leading to better management of resources and increased efficiency. A recent article on Forbes.com highlights how IBM is creating smarter cities with sensor technology. The article also discusses how advanced application of sensors can be used to address any number of everyday […]

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